Mount Shasta Spiritual | Mount Shasta Retreat | Mt Shasta Energy | 2020 Retreats

Mount Shasta Spiritual | Mount Shasta Retreat | Mt Shasta Energy | 2020 Retreats

Right from the beginning of time mankind has always been attracted to mountains as a sacred feature of the landscape. Its safe to say that mountains are among the oldest places of worship in the world. Mountains are the first temples ever. They are mentioned in the earliest religious myths of mankind. Humans have a very powerful connection with mountains that many of the world’s oldest monuments, like the Egyptian pyramids, were obviously built to look like mountains.

Mount Shasta Pilgrimage

Humanity’s earliest spiritual experiences have drawn so many people together. Right from the beginning of time, People have always clustered around the locations where most of the world’s major sacred sites and great spiritual centers exist to this day.

Mount Shasta Pilgrimage

People gather at these sites for ritualistic and ceremonial purposes, and this, apparently creates the need for people to form communities to grow food to accommodate and tend to the needs of the large populations gathering at these sites all over the world. It also brought the need to develop farming, villages, culture, and social cooperation. Mount Shasta is one of those places. Mount Shasta spiritual is an ancient, sacred mountain that has turned into a pilgrimage destination, thanks to its unexplained mysteries that call out to pilgrims as it challenges their comprehension in the modern era.

Unexplained Energies at Mount Shasta

All over the world there are places and spots that have become famous for some mysterious phenomenon and unexplained energies.

To this very day, experts have admitted that Mount Shasta is among the “sacred sites” around the world, having an influence on human consciousness and other living organisms in many unusual and remarkable ways. Colloquially, they are known as ancient “power spots.”

These are places where people commonly experience unusual phenomenon like UFO-related activity, portals into other dimensions, consciousness-altering experiences, as well as other paranormal-phenomenon.

Entering into a sacred site of so-called “powerful energy,” the mind, body, and spirit are instantly affected. The energies at these places can be felt, sensed, dowsed, photographed, and measured with scientific instrumentation.

A Sense Of Connection

Mount Shasta has been traditionally been said to be structurally and energetically connected to a wide range of important volcanic landscapes and mountains. It has been also said that there is a primordial spiritual connection believed to link all these energetically powerful sites together, including Mount Shasta, Lava Beds, Medicine Lake Highlands, Crater Lake Lassen peak, as well as many other lesser landmarks found throughout the region.

About Mount Shasta

  • Located close to the Oregon border, northern California.
  • It is one of the world’s preeminent sacred mountains.
  • Recognized as an eligible Native American cultural and cosmological property on the National Register of Historic Places. 
  • Artifacts found as well as studies conducted on the surrounding area conservatively suggest at least 11,000 years of human habitation. This proves that this region is one of the longest-occupied areas of North America.
  • Mount Shasta can be seen from over 100 miles away (160 km) on a clear day. The mountain, part of the thousand-mile-long Cascade Range stretches from northern California to British Columbia and is one of the largest stratovolcanoes in the world. It can rise to an altitude of 14,179 feet (4321 meters) and is also part of a chain of volcanoes that encompasses the Pacific Basin’s notorious “Ring of Fire,” along which the majority of the planet’s earthquakes and eruptions occur.

Spiritual Significance of Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta’s vast antiquity and mythical status has placed its significance on the same plain, historically and categorically, with other sacred sites discovered among the world’s oldest known civilizations, like the temples and pyramids of Egypt, the Mayan pyramids, Machu Picchu and Stonehenge.

Mount Shasta has been observed as a sacred mountain by native Americans for a long time now. The mountain and its surroundings has been viewed as a holy ground and is thought to be one of the first earthly places created by the Great Spirit. In time past, only the most powerful medicine men or women ventured up the mountain beyond the tree line. It was presumed to be inhabited by a host of potentially dangerous spirits and guardians who could harm a person who ventured up the mountain unprepared, hence too powerful for ordinary people to visit.

From a philosophical and spiritual standpoint, Mount Shasta surpasses anything ever built by man, in power and impression. It is a monument and temple, made by the Creator himself, half a billion years old. Mount Shasta is said to be still alive and under construction – and it will continuously erupt, regenerate, and change forms far into the future.

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